• Becoming
  • The power of the sleeve
  • Class of Couture
  • Structure vs Fashion
  • Strokes
  • Juliet
  • Decadence
  • Roleplay

The opulent world of haute couture and editorial fashion acts as my integral source of inspiration. My illustrations convey rich, elaborate and surreal structured garments and with this the essence of importance and prowess that the wearer exudes.

I am interested in delving into ideas of the conventional body shape and experimenting how fashion can be used to break the silhouette. By breaking down these barriers I strive to conjure up innovative, intriguing designs and images.

My illustration technique is rooted in the true art of traditional drawing. The humble, basic tool of the pencil and use of monochrome watercolour palette represent a pure simplicity from which I create my images. By doing so I encourage the viewer to envisage further the fabric, texture, and even colour as they look at my illustrations and continue its journey from my vision, to the canvas and into reality.