Abigail Booth

BA (Hons) Fine Art 2013

Chelsea College of Arts



I work with objects both found and made to create installations that evoke recollections of the familiar, while providing a disjuncture in their reference to the ‘other’ or elsewhere. Objects sit somewhere between the fabricated and found, never quite allowing you the satisfaction of recognising my own hand. I am interested not only in our individual perceptual experience when contemplating the work, but that of our collective cultural understanding of meaning. We are part of a large network of shared cultural knowledge that manifests itself in the universal distribution of media and film. This residue of culture we collect as we move through time forms the basis for our ability to recognise the familiar and gaze in wonderment at the strange. Each sculptural object becomes a point of access for understanding the installation as a whole, yet there is no fixed point of meaning to arrive at. Rather, I wish to open up a gap that for me resembles ‘play’, and for the viewer, ‘imagination’.



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