• Blood
  • Metropolis
  • Garden Girl
  • Underground Kingdom
  • Depressions
  • Depression
  • Hidden
  • Shadow
  • Cubism
  • Eleni
  • Bold
  • Revolution of "My Mental Mind"
  • Le Jour
  • 80's Glam
  • 60's
  • BoHo
  • Heartbreak

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My style incorporates a mixture of delicate detail and beauty with the dark and macabre. I explore texture and dimension, shape and form, experimenting with historical influences and period references.

The body is my canvas on which ideas and concepts can be expressed and developed artistically. The face and head are my domain for creations to adorn and decorate.

A creative, thoughtful and conscientious worker, prepared with good knowledge and broad understanding of technical, creative and design based skills in hair and make-up. Very hands on, with good practical crafts and construction abilities, creating unique three dimensional forms and structures.