Ana Escobar

MA Photography 2016

London College of Communication


the urge

(28 c-type color prints)

Why do we take photographs of our love ones? I believe desire is the answer. The desire to own, to capture or to possess the subject: our object of desire. This is the seductive lure of photography.

In ‘the urge’, I explore this topic by using my desire, both photographic and sexual, as the main subject.

“I want to take a photograph of you” is what I say to my partner every time I desire him . This sentence leads us to our bedroom where I photograph him repeatedly.
No matter how many times I do it I can never be satisfied, I never have him.

The urge to possess encourages the urge to photograph. However, photography is a tromp l’oeil, we cannot have the subject, only a representation of it. This impossibility creates anxiety, which we illogically attempt to relieve by taking more photographs.

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