Bethe Bronson

MA Fine Art 2013

Wimbledon College of Arts


  • Hidden Exposure on Vimeo
  • Attempting Augustine's Arch


The concept of liminality, as it references that edge between what we know and understand, and what we don’t know and don’t understand; I want to explore what teeters at that edge. I embrace media that lends itself conceptually to my work. Lens based media with its ability to capture moments in time, yet be altered to suit the context, is ideal for me to explore.

My work investigates expectations, explicitly societal expectations and the control or lack of control that these expectations can elicit. I have been examining how this manifests itself specifically through nineteenth-century photographic documentation of families, particularly how it pertains to women and mothers. The question of just who is in control, the gazer or the one that holds your gaze holds much interest for me.

Conceptually as well as concretely, I'm concerned with what's not there, what we don't see and how it affects what do see.



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