Christopher Simpson

BA (Hons) Painting 2017

Camberwell College of Arts


Christopher Simpson lives in London and was born to Scottish parents in Hannover, Germany in 1979. 
He studies painting at Camberwell School of Arts in London, graduating in 2017. Working as a international makeup artist for nearly 20 years Chris became increasingly interested in the way materiality can become an object of desire, comfort, self expression or concealment often relegating the model, human or not to become the canvas. His current work explores varying themes around identity, sexuality and the presence or absence of human form through its relationship to contemporary material such as Lycra or Latex, often allowing the material itself to be the form. 
Through painting, sculpture, interventions and photography his continued exploration of the 'veil' expresses ideas around unification and the history and notion of the "Public". Chris has participated in group shows in London, Italy and India, and has just completed a short artist residency at the Griffin Gallery studios in London, and has been invited this summer to curate the Atina Art Residency for 25 artists to create site specific work in a beautiful town close to Rome, Italy.



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