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  • collage with drawing
  • Colaborative project, print design by Camila Lopes, Womenswear by Catherine wang,Photographed by James Reeds Photographer,
  • Press show 2015, print design
  • Press show 2015, print design
  • Press show 2015, print design
  • Press show 2015, print design
  • Press show 2015, print design
  • Press show 2015, print design
  • Press show 2015, print design
  • Press show 2015, print design
  • press show, print design
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  • Screen Print, hand paint, acid dyes
  • Print Design- Hand painted on Silk
  • screen print, acid dyes, cotton
  • Print Design- Hand painted on Cotton Silk
  • Print Design- Hand painted on Cotton
  • Print Design- Hand painted on Cotton
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Textile designer Designer/Artist/Illustrator

If you would like to know more about my work and see my CV, drop me an email. You can find my contact details at the bottom of this page.

Most recent job:

Textile Artist - English Touring Opera( freelance)

Further experience:

Interned at Saloni London - 2015

Interned at ISSA London - 2014

Interned at Lagnenes - 2013

Winner of Draw Fashion Competition 2015:


Dash Magazine:

Cassart Blog:
Cassart interview: http://www.cassart.co.uk/blog/student_spotlight_camila_lopes.htm

Winner of Mipac Project competition 2014:

Was selected to participate in LCF Press-Show 2015


Amelie Magazine :

LCF blog: http://blogs.arts.ac.uk/fashion/2015/06/06/class-2015-silhouettes-construction-womenswear-student-catherine-wang/

Evening Standard:


Hunger Magazine:


Dash Magazine:



Made it to the top four Favorited

WWD magazine:

Mentioned my work in one of their articles
about the LCF Press-show

graduate project:

My biggest inspiration was the female body, its form and looking at how it can be transformed into an object. I became very interested in modern society and how females portray their self-image through social networking websites such as Facebook and Instagram. That idea drove me to explore the art world and see how women have been portrayed in paintings throughout time until today. My biggest influences were Henry Moore and his organic female sculptures, Matisse and his ways of making colour through form with his collage techniques and the vibrant world of Pop Art and its distinct screen printed block colours from artists such as Andy Warhol.

Contact details:

personal e-mail: camilalopes.lcf@gmail.com
Instagram: milamagionilopes https://instagram.com/milamagionilopes/