• Half caped coat
  • Beaded tunic
  • Beaded mini dress & beaded jacket and jumpsuit
  • Metallic T-shirt with beaded skirt
  • Beaded Gown
  • Pink Dress
  • Beaded Cape
  • Cape and mini dress
  • Half caped coat & Metallic T-shirt and beaded skirt
  • Long waistcoat and wide leg trouser
  • Beaded half caped jumpsuit
  • Draped Coat and beaded mini dress
  • Beaded Jacket
  • Shirt and wide leg trouser
  • Beaded Tunic & Jumpsuit
  • Pink drape dress
  • Pink V back dress
  • beaded gown
  • Beaded Cape


Charlotte Simpson is a British designer, recently graduated from the London College of Fashion with a Masters in Fashion Design Technology – Womenswear. Charlotte began her design career at Northumbria University receiving a Bachelors degree in Fashion. During her time at Northumbria she also gained experience of the industry with a number of Internships in both London and New York.

Charlotte’s collection, “Biological Dimensions,” is focused upon optimising the surface area to volume ratio in internal biology. The research explored several methods utilised in both mammalian and plant biology which allow organisms grow and thrive. The pattern cutting methodology was developed through investigation into plant grafting, a process where two separate sections or species of plant are combined and encouraged to grow in tandem creating strength and species variation. The collection also involves a large amount of hand embroidery which was completed in India. The beading entirely covers several garments within the collection effectively increasing their individual surface areas.

If you would like any further information on Charlotte or her collection you can visit her website www.charlottesimpson.co.uk
or contact her directly at charlotte@charlottesimpson.co.uk

photographer: Fabrice Lachant
Makeup Aritist: Polly Mann