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Inspired by the 1940’s and Japan, “The Land of the Rising Sun”, the collection mixes together elements of both concepts resulting in a series of garments that embody sophistication and vibrancy, with a strong pin-up/vintage feeling.
Divided into two different groups; one feminine, the other masculine, the clothes are intended to be presented in three pairs, with elements that link them subtly together, like the length of the sleeve, the fastenings or the cut of the neck.
The chosen fabrics, mainly silk satin and cotton satin, support the idea of Oriental elegance, whilst the leather used for the belts which are inspired by the classic image of obis, gives a modern twist.
The prints, originally inspired by the suits of playing cards and reworked in an art deco style, have drawn strong influence from the layout of kimonos but remain understated enough to achieve a pleasing effect.

Clarice Serra