Dene Leigh

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting 2012

Wimbledon College of Arts

  • Agnosia 2012 (Oil on linen)
  • Within The Field of Vision
  • Installation Shot 2012
  • Artwork by Dene Leigh at Hampstead Underground station
  • Face Blind 2012 (Oil on linen)


Dene Leigh's work addresses questions about the fragility and impermanence of the human memory. After observing the neurological impairments that his grandfather experienced after a stroke, the artist specifically represents the impediments faced. He represents the incapacity to communicate and understand language in its written and spoken form, and the inability to identify formerly familiar objects, faces and places. To explore this notion, the artist constructs trompe-l'œil paintings, which both reveal and prohibit the viewer from seeing and identifying things. He paints ambiguous representations of objects that are often combined and dismembered, rendering them unfamiliar. Mutating them from something that could be known to something foreign, decayed and entirely transformed.
The artist's work is also concerned with the relationship between reality, representation and illusion whilst constructing a thought-provoking relationship between the depicted aged materials and the brain's mutable decaying structure. These works are a juxtaposition of unknown yet visible memories; nostalgic landscapes; references to language; and obscured characters. The artist plays with ideas of documentation and traditional portraiture that are contemporaneously and historically specific to photographs, paintings, assemblage, collage and objet trouvé.

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