Deniz Paran

MA Visual Arts: Illustration 2016

Camberwell College of Arts


I am fascinated by the investigation of bleak modern landscapes and abandoned spaces through a series of works conveying absence of light, and spatial emptiness, with a particular sense of something that used to be, and is no longer. During this work I was examining themes around abandonment and representations suitable to these, as well as the suitability of various media to them. This enabled me to execute the Battersea series fluently. I would like my audience to feel the sense of loss, but at the same time feel the presence of the histories that are almost forgotten and fading. Simultaneously, the subject matter gives the work a gritty edge that will grab the viewer by forcing them to take note of important contemporary issues. This makes the work interesting and worthwhile, and hopefully more relevant in a more conscious age of ‘responsible capitalism’. In this way the work aims to be an important forum with a social function. This is its rationale.
This focuses on notions of displacement and culture shock, guided visually by mixed media experimentation, including collage and mono printing.

University : Camberwell College of Arts, 2014 - 2016



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