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  • Trust In Me Shoe
  • Oaky Dokie Boot (Bare Necessities Print)
  • Trust In Me Shoe
  • Trust In Me Shoe
  • Oaky-Dokie Boot (Bare Necessities Print)
  • Oaky- Dokie Boot (Bare Necessities Print)
  • Trust In Me Shoe
  • Herdwick Day Shoe
  • Herdwick Day Shoe
  • Herdwick Day Shoe
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A B O U T M E :

A passionate & driven individual with a creative approach to footwear design. Specialising in women's footwear, with an expanding knowledge of the industry as a whole. A love for traditional craftsmanship & embedded conscious outlook paired with innovative techniques & strong commercial & consumer awareness. Feminine & quirky personal style with adept ability to tailor ideas for a range of market levels.

Luxury, premium & high-street level experience.

C O N T A C T :


' T R U S T I N M E ' F I N A L C O L L E C T I O N :

Inspired by the National Trust Property, Bateman's (former home of author Rudyard Kipling) my final collection focuses on innovating the traditional, hand-crafted material techniques found within the house. The collection print designs have been influenced by the wall coverings & hand embroidery is inspired by the curtains & bed spreads.

My collection is created using UK sourced materials & promotes the concept of treasuring British Heritage in a contemporary & conscious way.

C R E D I T S :

Colour Photography
Creative Direction: Eleanor Sinden
Photography: Will De Smith
Model: Ella Robinson

Custom Logo Hardware & Buttons
Design: Eleanor Sinden
Manufacture: Liv Thurlwell (@livthurlwelljewellery )