Egidija Ciricaite

MA Visual Arts: Book Arts 2011

Camberwell College of Arts


My present work
focuses on memory and forgetting and the idea of the book in that context. I am interested in identity, historical truth, our links with past, fragility of those links; I am interested in the ephemeral and what makes us hold onto it; I am interested in dislocation, absence and change.
My recent pieces navigate between springclean and the horror of biblioclasm. I use discarded, abandoned, thrown out books, most of which no longer have a society to support them. My pieces are direct imprints of the original books. When fired, the books transform into an immensely fragile state - so fragile, that they may disintegrate in hands - just like the memory of the times, that they represent. When live-cast (bypassing the lost wax process), the books fossilize into a dark heavy shadow of an artefact.



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