Elizabeth Lands

BA (Hons) Fine Art 2013

Chelsea College of Arts


My paintings take pleasure in the uncertainties of representation. Photographs of everyday objects or partial objects (fringing, fastenings, edges) are my starting points but these objects quickly become caught up and twisted through the complex language of painting. Through a process of translation and editing an abstract structure emerges. This forms the skeleton of what will become the painting, which is then complicated by accidents, imprecision and unexpected events.

I am interested in exploring the conventions of painting and use stretched canvases as physically and conceptually solid objects onto which the image lightly clings. Dusty, unfixed substances such as pigment, pastel and graphite powder structure the image through their materiality. Illusion is simultaneously constructed and punctured through tussles between materiality and immateriality, presence and absence on the surface of the painting.

Despite strategies of distancing and deferral, subjectivity and tactile materiality sneak in though the back door of the structured image, attempting to seduce the viewer. Image and surface, touch and edge set up propositions that it is hoped might unfold in the viewers’ gaze. Meaning gets made and re-made through the simultaneous meeting of the painting with the viewers’ own desires and thoughts. A pact between the two becomes the point where the work fully takes shape.




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