Emma Riley

ABC Awd 3D Design (CAD for Interior Design) 2010

London College of Communication


  • Retail Design Concept - Part 1


I am an artist and designer. I graduated from Chelsea a number of years ago with a degree in public art. Since graduating I have worked in the property industry in Central London. I have now just completed the ABC Diploma in Interior Design.

Drawing upon the experience I gained from my degree in responding to site specific briefs which is now complemented by my experience from the diploma in being able to professionally present my ideas using a range of skills such as CAD or drawing, I aspire to able to create sculptural, innovative and interactive spaces.

My final project is in two sections, the first was a respond to a brief to create an innovative space that used a new form of computer technology.

My response was the concept of a new retail experience. The customer enters information about themselves online, such as their height, size and body shape then a computer programme similar to one like Genius on Itunes would select items of clothing that would suit their body shape. When the customer next went to the store they would swipe a card, which stored this information and a “Light Path” using a form of new lighting technology would guide them to the clothes that the computer programme had selected for them.

The second part of the project was to develop this concept further, to design the light path to be able to go into a large retail store like H&M and have it remain functional even if the store was busy as the light path needed to be individual to each customer. I also wanted to develop the concept so that the light path was sculptural and part of an innovative space.



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