• Mule - David Killen photograph
  • Mule - David Killen photograph
  • Between Light and Shadow -Graduating Project Progect Mood
  • Technical Drawing
  • Bicolor Sandal.David Killeen Photograph
  • Woven Sandal, David Killeen Photograph
  • Sandal. David Killen Photograph
  • Sandal.David Killen Photograph
  • Side View. David Killeen Photograph
  • Desert Boots, David Killen Photograph
  • Woven sandal David Killen Photograph
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  • Woven capsule collection
  • Woven desert boots
  • Sandal
  • Summer Boots
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  • Fur Wedge
  • Wedge- Night version - Red star leather on the inside, black suede on the outside
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  • Mittens
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  • Technical Drawing
  • Ballerina

Welcome on Fanny Agulhon portfolio page,
You will find here one a collection of shoes from next winter to next summer.
The SS12 collection entitled Between Light and shadow, is made of a handwoven leather goat. The inspiration comes from the concept of Balance and the architecture of Arabic countries. The collection is androgynous and suit all the humans, without any restrictions.
If you are interested in this collection, it can be produce.

The others Collection is inspired by Vanessa Bruno,Parisian label. Made for winter, the shoes are similar to a mobile nest , A cocoon that make you feel good, with the inside entirely made of soft sheep fur. When you put your feet on those collection a fairytale begin, Tinkle Bell is not far. To complete the fur collection, I added some items, like a belt and some mittens (also available for man as they asked).

You want to see and to read more, visit my blog.

For Collaboration, photoshoot or to buy the collection, send an email to fannyagu@googlemail.com

Have a look at David's work and landscapes on www.davidkilleen.com

Thank you for reading.