Federica Pingani

MA Graphic Branding and Identity 2010

London College of Communication


Hi! I am Federica.

I come from a widespread background and I am interested in many fields; I believe that it is readable on my design researches and it helps me in finding different approaches and points of views to my projects.

The year spent in LCC elevated my thinking to a more sophisticated level and let me acquire an higher conscience as designer; in addition, gave me the possibility to explore new interesting techniques such as screen printing, letterpress, embossing and laser cutting.

Made in Italy. From product to experience can be considered a pilot project to test a new branding concept with the potential for future development.

The project concerns a design minded online community that places emphasis on the Italian production of culture in order to keep the Made in Italy label alive in the distant future. I like to think of the magazine Wallpaper as an example of the content, from lifestyle and culture to design and art. The blog, beyond creating the feeling of community and participation, represents the primary tool for creating the brand because it opens an uninterrupted channel of communication with its audience. In addition, the brand actively promotes itself and Italian cultural production through the organization of events, activities and studies.

The interesting part of the project, besides creating a new marketing plot, is the yearly re-generative process of the brand that, though the blog, uses the feedback of its audience to define its content and visual language.
Every year the audience defines a key word, representative of the last year of Italian cultural production, then the community filters and translates it into visual components; these are used by the audience to design the yearly visual language. The original concept becomes the content for the organization of cultural events and activities organized by the community.

The brand, through its yearly cycle, besides representing and narrating itself, becomes representative of its audience and a record of the evolution of the Made in Italy brand.
The aim of the brand is identified and celebrated through the visual language, creating engagement between the audience and the brand and communicating emotions. The visual result is extremely dynamic and flexible reflecting the constant evolution and rhythm of Italian culture and the fluidity of the community. In addition, the pragmatism of the visual allows its application on different supports and media and, due to the nature and purpose of the brand, it does not create any economical and logistical problems even though it is re-designed yearly.

If you would like to have a chat with me, do not hesitate to contact me.



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