• Double Monk Strap . Veg Tan Upper + Brick Nappa Lining
  • Long Wing Tip . Tartan Tweed + Veg Tan Brogue Piping + Brick Nappa Lining
  • Saddle . Indigo Tied Dye Calico + Veg Tan Upper + Brick Nappa Lining
  • Padded Oxford . Flecked Black Wool + Navy Calfskin Upper + Brick Nappa Lining
  • Ninja Toe . Black Calfskin Upper + Brick Nappa Lining
  • Final Collection . Shark Eyes
  • Button Cover Oxfords I handmade in Kobe, Japan
  • marker on tracing paper
  • marker on tracing paper
  • marker on tracing paper
  • marker on tracing paper
  • gouache last
  • marker on tracing paper
  • calligraphy on rice paper
  • hand brogue
  • brogue hole punching
  • insole shaping

My focus is always to end up with a genuinely crafted product. The manner in which it is made is important. The material choices. The colours. The purpose of it all. I want to try to fill spaces in design by making products that I personally would love to wear and I feel are different, or at least attempted to apply details in a different way than what is normally seen. A shoe should be created with care and designed with every detail in mind. In the end, the wearer should feel the personal energy put into it by the maker passed along. Then go out and give it a life of it’s own and that life should last forever.. or at least a very long time. I feel that is a good way to garner any deserved respect. I mean there must be a function to any product being made. It must also be created with skill and great attention. Which in turn will make it beautiful.

My project was looking at designers from Japan, or maybe just the incredible attention to detail that is so prevalent in almost everything designed in Japan. The culture interests me greatly and that is one major part of my inspiration. What I also really like is how there always seems to be themes drawn from the west.. from the history books of Americana, of Briton, of Europe through fashion/design/photography/film/literature.

Absorbing completely foreign ideas and making it ones own, and executing it successfully, has made for an interesting trade where Western companies assign particular parts of their business to dedicate to a Japanese market. That alone is a great ability and accolade to one places level of design and eye for consumption. This idea interested me, but in the end, my focus is on the care and discipline put into by the craftsman. It is in my opinion, most impressive.