Pei-Hang Huang

MA Fine Art 2015

Chelsea College of Arts



Peihang Huang, born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1984, is currently based in London.

Her work focuses on perception and distance, explored through painting.

Starting from a topic or a physical object, like a human body or an event she depict from media, she researches the relationship between that object and its dual image, deconstructing its reality as she perceives it and rebuilding it blended with other elements borrowed from her environment.

These hidden elements seem familiar because they are constantly present in the media yet remain elusive and detached from our daily lives. They hint at an uneasy mixture of concern, indifference and frustration towards reality, which contrasts with the eerily scenic world that she weaves them into.

Recent projects includes a pop-up solo show in Holland Park Ave., London, Young Art Taipei 2015 , Summer collection for Sake No Hana and Speed and Agility with Joshua Y’Barbo and Lewis PR in 2015 in Millbank Tower, London.

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