• Faytal wears Chiron, image by Damian McGillicuddy
  • Chiron
  • Hooves close up
  • Chiron spec sheet
  • Chiron with corset
  • Chiron inside and details
  • Orieus and Argieus
  • Full Centaurius range
  • Promotional postcard

My final year collection is based on the concept of therianthropy - the metamorphosis of a human into an animal or a being which is part human, part animal - as found in both classical mythology and popular culture. Inspired by this and the prevalence of animal, particularly equine, imagery and roleplay within the 'fetish' world, I designed a range of footwear for 'human ponies' which embodies the elegance and majesty of the equine form and the complex power dynamic of the human-equine relationship; the wearer feels strong and beautiful, yet is physically fettered and utterly at the mercy of another.

In a market with ever expanding fashion appeal, the animal roleplay sector lags behind miserably in both quality and design innovation. This collection closes this gap with the use of high end construction methods, attention to detail and a fashion forward sensibility.

As a designer, I possess strong vision and creativity; unafraid of experimenting, redrawing boundaries and fusing disciplines. For me, design is about using my instincts with a mind free of preconceptions; the designs can always be reined in later.

I am passionate about traditional shoe construction and making skills - and how I can push these further to create something new. My personal philosophy is that there are no limits.