MA Fine Art 2016

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Hua Yeh, born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992, is currently based in London.

My artworks, primarily paintings installations and videos, translate emotion into the visual or the physical. I try to create interleaved spaces which without being bound by time and space. The ambiguous relationship between time and space, virtual and real is the central concern in my work.

The inspiration for my art creation stems from my curiosity and philosophical musings to the concept of ‘space’. The term ‘space’ encompasses a very wide range of meanings, a topic discussed most fervently in both religion and science.
On the mathematical level, a one dimensional space is the length, whilst the two dimensional space included both length and width, and a three dimensional space further included height, and a four dimensional space has time added to that. The different dimensional spaces, ranging from one to infinite, is merely a mathematical ‘coordination system’; ‘conceptual’, rather than ‘actual’, existence. Further I started to have a doubt: How people define virtual space and real space?

The vision of humans is limited. I believe there are deeper spaces that we cannot see with our eyes, in which we will not be able to tell the correct distance between objects, or their texture and weight. Based on these speculations and ideas about space, I started developing a series of creations based on the theme of Space.

In my creation, I assume that the human memory and consciousness is a special space, the mental space. For me, the space of this piece became the projection ground for my deep mentality, all known or unknown will be shown. I did not force explanations onto the objects, and let them speak in that image, and viewers will see my story from within, and reflect upon their own inner space.

“What if somewhere inside me there is a dark limbo where all the truly important memories are heaped and slowly turning into mud?” ― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Limbo is a middle ground between life and death, in which we dwell, a dark, fuzzy and lonely place. Each person has their own private, hidden space within their hearts, in there are a multitude of emotions that were never shown, hidden are the feelings of joy, shame, bitterness and guilt; because we are afraid that people see through us and discover them, so we avoid these emotions, gloss them over of hide them. However these embarrassing events are something we must face, are like a disease in life, and happen all the time within our mental space, they are not ugly, just a feeling in memory. Images from feelings in life and the memories have been put into my creation.
A fuzzy ground between consciousness and subconscious through the random artifacts and broken messages in that spatial structure, my story is constructed together like a puzzle, gradually revealing itself.




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