• Flyer for 1977 Adam and the Ants gig at the RCA, the images here are influenced by the work of Pop Art artist Allen Jones
  • Graffiti painted by the situationist group King Mob. The graffiti style and graffiti's meaning were later echoed in Punk imagery
  • Instructions for building lightbulb detonator found on Seditionaries design. The image was taken from a US Army Handbook (1969)

My Final Project focused upon the development of a Punk style and aesthetic, particularly examining influences upon Punk musicians. With subcultural theorists such as Hebdige focusing largely on the working class roots of Punk, I wanted to redress the balance and explore other influences at play, both working class and middle class, in order to demonstrate that Punk subculture and style had much more diverse origins than had been previously acknowledged by historians.

I am currently working as an Archivist for Laura Ashley, working with a large and varied collection of paper artwork, textiles, photographs, documents and garments. Our collection begins in the 18th century and continues up to the present day where we collect contemporary artwork and branded textiles and wallpaper.

My role involves researching brand history, working with the design teams for Home Furnishings and Fashion, as well as providing research and images for the social media team