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  • Love Triangle
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Artist Bio

Jo Cope has been working at the intersection of fine art, fashion and craft for more than a decade. She has produced objects that range from manufactured fashion accessories to conceptual garments. Cope's work transcends traditional boundaries, they are hybrid installations that are perhaps only possible in a gallery while suggesting alternative futures for fashion design.

One of her commissions for Silverstone for ‘Formula Fashion’ was a transforming garment in leather, carbon fibre and Kevlar, showcased at the British Grand Prix 2011 and toured as part of the Cultural Olympiad.

Cope has created accessory and design products for concept boutiques, design stores and art galleries including B Store London and V & A museum.
A past exhibitor at many major design shows: ‘To Have and To Hold’ hooks range were recognised for their forward thinking functions and aesthetics in the Grand Designs Samsung ‘House of the Future’

Jo Cope is a visiting lecturer at Nottingham Trent and De Montfort University Leicester and creates conceptual workshop days for both galleries and schools relating to her most recent works.

Masters Project

In her most recent work
'The Language of Feet in The Walk of Life'
she uses both the foot and shoe as a vehicle to materialise life experiences

"It is in the act of walking that I have experienced a mesmerising state, the walk being an unconscious action between brain and body, but if we become conscious and embody the walk, we become the motion"

Step after step, one foot after the other, a metaphor for life itself.

This is a study of the relationship of the foot, the shoe, the unseen and unimagined connections in non verbal language and ultimately our connection to the earth

The Fashion Artefact MA has been a significant opportunity to develop skills focused on the beauty and integrity of the historical craft processes along side cutting edge technology, while considering what the future aesthetic role of fashion might be within the context of art.

Primary visable materials: Specialist colour baked leather, hand dyed and moulded veg tan leather, powercoated steel, lime, oak and maple wood, rubber coated nylon fibre

Photography: Nigel Essex
Sponsorship: Worshipful Company of Leather Sellers
Fashion Matters- LCF