• Rococo style ankle boot
  • Rococo style ankle boot
  • Thigh high stretch boot
  • diamond toe court shoe
  • White feathers sandal
  • Laser cut front ankle boot
  • Black feather T-Bar
  • White satin court shoe
  • Black sandal
  • Shoe's construction

Winner: The Worshipful Company of Cordwainers' Bursary 2009

The collection "Artisan" explores and challenges the boundaries between 17th and 18th century British Rococo furniture carving and wearable fashion footwear. The use of natural influences, traditional craftsmanship, British heritage, British design, bespoke shoe making and decretive laser cutting has always been a focal point for my work and has pushed me to embody all their characteristics within this collection .The areas explored are all areas of strong interest that characterises my work and enables me to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the artisan crafts which enabled me to produce a individual fashion forward footwear collection for the bespoke and luxury footwear market.

The collection was achieved by developing my own techniques for surface decoration using computer aided design wood carving and laser cutting techniques which were achieved in practical studio based work. But also working very closely with various artisans such as master woodcarvers, gilders, heel makers, and a bespoke shoemaker´┐Żs allowed me to push and make the collection feasible


photographer :
Azza -azphotographer@hotmail.co.uk