• David "Super Toys last all Summer Long" - FMP
  • Original jacket design inspired from District 9
  • David "Super Toys last all Summer Long" - FMP
  • Make-up, Hair and Costume constructed for a competition held in Japan I was selected for
  • severed head - painted and hair punched by me at Artem
  • Jenova
  • Frankenstein - chrysalis concept
  • Island of Doctor Moreau
  • Equasaurus
  • Costume and Makeup by me for "Little Sister"
  • Prosthetic Sculpt - for 'Natwest Secret Cricketer' worn by Michael Vaughan
  • Hand Prosthetic
  • Ezio - commissioned by Ubisoft for Assassins Creed
  • Duke Nukem - made for the release of the game, commissioned by 2K


I was born and raised in London, and had the privilege at a young age to be brought up within the film industry and a very creative home environment, giving me a passion and drive to work hard towards a career within the film and SFX world.

I studied at the Arts Institute Bournemouth where I completed a ‘Foundation Diploma in Art and Design’, before going on to the London College of Fashion to do a degree in ‘Technical Effects for Performance Ba(Hons)’.
I have been fortunate enough to always remain busy with my work, taking on several private commissions a year with large video games companies, such as Tecmo Koei, 2K and Ubisoft, to create fabricated costumes for promotional purposes that have been flown all over the world for people to enjoy.
I predominantly work as a freelance SFX artist, most notably at Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. in Los Angeles, and Artem in London.

I am incredibly passionate about every aspect of my work, and can always be found making myself busy, whether its sculpting for hours on end or sewing under mountains of fabric into the early hours of the morning.