Lucie Libotte

MA Textiles Futures 2014

Central Saint Martins


Textile is for me a process, similar to cooking; that always challenge yourself to make things work. Sometimes, it does not work but can guide you towards other exciting fields you would never have thought of.

'Splintering Crockery' is a work based on the notion of Public space considered as a social space open and accessible to all, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age or socio-economic level.

My aim is to redefine the concept of puzzles through a deconstruction and reconstruction process. By creating patterns and shapes that interact with the audience, my purpose is to create a new perception of environments.

I wanted to bring textile out of its traditional use and push its beyond that usual 'flat' look. I focus my project on transforming walls into ‘playgrounds’ that one person or more could interact with. The wallpaper design can change over the time and propose a constantly evolving installation.

Through models and patterns, I work out crockery forms / shapes and depth illusions by geometrical structures, colours and shapes.

I combined weave, print and laser cutting, to create my pieces.

The Outcome of this project is a magnet interactive wallpaper which fits in indoor spaces. The wall invites the public to play with the pieces from the work: they create changing patterns, shapes and textures The viewer experiences new perspective regarding fabrics as they are going to be in a constant physical evolution. It generates interest in a distant viewer and is also a wallpaper.

Lucie Libotte
+44 (0) 7881412410



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