• black calf over the knee with degrade feather print
  • cream python double sling wedge
  • chantilly lace heels with zippered overlay
  • group shot with python double sling wedge, blush nappy pump with lace anklet and stingray strappy heels with stretch gauze
  • Browns competition, finalist shoe sampled by GINA
  • Albino shoot- stingray/ leather strappy heels with stretch gauze anklet
  • group shot with boxes, chantilly lace heel, ostrich leg ballet with electroplated lace counter, black abkle boots with stretch m
  • blush nappa platform with degrade lace heel
  • double sling black calf short boots with mesh inserts

With a BA in womenswear fashion and four years work experience designing shoes and womenswear in New York, Lislie decided to take a year off to pursue her masters and fulfill personal goals as a designer.

The collection is based on emotional response evoked from albinos and their striking aesthetic qualities, translating that into the mood of the collection through process and development.

Using techniques built from previous units, sanding pyramid shaped EVA strips between lining and upper to create subtle details and highlights, the collection is a work in progress of ideas built throughout the year combined with my personal aesthetics. Always trying to balancing creativity and commercial viability, this collection brings together custom hand made details (hand dyed lace, electroplated silver onto molded lace and placement prints) into a understandable silhouettes and styles. The aim was to design a creative yet marketable luxury range without being irrelevant or contrived.

This was also an opportunity to fine tune the branding and set up a working system to support future collections.

Lislie's work usually encompasses many aspects of her background and interest in clothing as well as other areas of design.

-Unit 2 work exhibited at V&A: Lulu Guiness 20th anniversary
-Finalist for Browns shoe competition

Contact: Lislie.yeung@gmail.com

Model: Connie Chiu
Photography by Karoliina Barlund, LDP and Sophie Pycroft
Styling by Francesca Marotta, assisted by Adrian Morales
Clothes by Rosalind Holmes
Hair by Atsushi Ninomiya
Make up by Shin Tsai