• Collection outfit no.1
  • Collection outfit no.2
  • Collection outfit no.3
  • Collection Outfit no.4
  • Collection outfit no.5
  • Collection outfit no.6
  • Collection Outfit no.7
  • Collection outfit no.8
  • Collection outfit no.9
  • Hybrid new flower: Collage no.1 by Keiko Nishiyama
  • Hybrid new flower Print Base;Hand drawing by Keiko Nishiyama
  • Hybrid new flower: Collage no.2 by Keiko Nishiyama

Keiko Nishiyama studied BA Fashion and performance in Tokyo. after working for an assistant designer, completed an MA in fashion design at London College of Fashion. She has worked for Emilio de la Morena.

She created the illusion of distance on the garments in the same way as perspective is employed within the picturesque garden. The concept of perspective rectified this imbalance and was achieved by careful colouring and use of space between the viewpoint and vanishing point to create an illusion of distance and perspective, a technique employed in the picturesque garden.
The idea of printing ‘hybrid imported plants’ in which new flowers were mixed to create an atmosphere of mystery. All the draft prints are hand-drawn in which created the illusion of distance to rearrange and reposition the flowers.

"Anthology of Art"
This collection born out of English picturesque garden. The garden would compare anthology of art. In 18th century,Despite the British devotion to naturalism, features such as ruins and follies hybrid flowers became gradually more and more ornamental. The idea that the inclusion of artificial elements in fact contributes to the concept of a ‘naturalistic garden’

Photograph: Hiroyuki Ishimizu
Hair: Yoshifumi Masuda
Make : Yoko Nakata
Styling :Daisuke Hara
Model: Caitie Taylor

Collaborating shoes design;
Kosuke Nojima (Kikkabo shoes craft studio)

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