Maria Jose Carvallo Arrau

MA Fine Art 2015

Chelsea College of Arts


I am a Chilean artist and psychologist. I research, both theoretical and pictorial, the image of the female body grounded in my cultural context. My work is a depiction of my reflections around the human conditions, as frailty, nude, flesh and disgrace. I research about how the skin expose us to the gaze of others, to touch and to violence.
My practice consist in the creation of images, objects and narratives inspired in representations of women from cultural resources and Art History. I do watercolour paintings, wax sculpture, material found, ready made objects and objects form personal collections. My aesthetics is an assemblage of those resources and the composition of new dialogues embracing an installation.
My works is a continuum project, a body of decisions in order to move into the subject, a border crossing of traumatic feelings and , between life and death.



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