• Meru by Mariana Cardenas Vera & Adidas
  • Performance footwear

MCV represents intelligently designed footwear, formed by a timeless versatile and strong genderless design.

MCV believes comfort and quality is just as important as functionality and design, all these factors will be constantly considered every season. MCV produces designs that are not only versatile or attractive but comfortable and adaptable.

There are two unique attributes to the label; first we have the functionality which needs to be prioritized and constantly updated dependent on new emerging technologies and trends. The second attribute is “leading with a mission” where sustainability and supply chain are treated with respect and as an investment. The brand is attributed by the inclusion of exclusive limited editions in each collection, which will be sold to key stores and will be more designed oriented with a lot of handmade details.

MCV will collaborate with Adidas for the two key running shoes each season to bring credibility on performance and technology innovation.

The collection as a whole will be running styled shoes, shoes which cross boundaries of functionality, working with the new gym-aesthetic coalition surpassing between the lines of workout, weekend, holiday or work (Gym is the new black, 2014).
The timeless clean design with subtle exaggerations and the focus on performance and quality will be the unique selling points that will make the brand stand out on the sustainable world of fashion. Modern waves will merge into clean designs from traditional running silhouettes.
MCV, should be focused on a world full of urban moments, man and woman, who have a sense of style and an active lifestyle.