Marta Da Silva Girão De Sampaio Soare

MA Fine Art 2014

Chelsea College of Arts


The abstract paintings and objects that I create are made of clear vinyl, fabrics, wood, wax, wool and paper with gestures as cutting, joining, juxtaposing, scratching, stitching, melting, painting, sewing, crochet and pouring.
I use materials which I consider to have an attractive emotional role, whether by its texture, hardness or transparency. I choose materials that appeal to a sensorial skin; reacting when coming into contact with them.
I want to bring about and intensify the character of each material and each gesture. I am obcessed with the aesthetic of those gestures. I am really interested in exploring the physical realities behind discourse, representation or interpretation. I want that people look to my work and learn to look things carefully. I want them to feel seduce by the tension between materials and by its beauty.



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