Nancy Allen

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture 2014

Wimbledon College of Arts


I examine the traditional qualities of sculpture, such as the effect of gravity on the work, the obduracy of material in real space, rudimentary sculptural processes and its status as a likeness. The sculptures sometimes have contrasting facades, which are gradually revealed as one explores the work and its materiality.

A sumptuous variety of surface textures including straw, fabric, sterling board, polystyrene and foam are littered with smooth, imitation printed materials, prompting a sense of tactility within the context of the screen-based age.

I often work with materials’ existing qualities, seeking out those which are bendy, heavy, rigid, stretchy, curved, lightweight and grippy. The materials are set up to droop under their own weight, pull back against being stretched and exaggeratedly support one another. These self-explanatory set-ups also allow the viewer empathy for the artist’s actions during the work’s manipulation, giving the sculptures an anthropomorphic tendency.



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