Natalia Lewandowska

BA (Hons) Graphic Design 2011

Camberwell College of Arts


  • Raising OCD Awareness by Natalia


Natalia Lewandowska is a graphic designer and illustrator who is currently working and studying in London. Her artworks mostly demonstrate emotional experiences and anxiety disorders in an extraordinary way.

Currently she is exploring the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which is the fourth-most-common mental disorder, and is diagnosed nearly as often as asthma and diabetes mellitus. In the United States, one in 50 adults have OCD.

The OCD Magazine designed by Natalia Lewandowska, illustrates this anxiety disorder from different angles through translation of compulsive and obsessive behaviours into rich graphical patterns and original visuals inspired by real emotions and stories experienced by OCD victims. It focuses on rare imaginative visions based on paranoid and psychotic thoughts of various artists like Michelangelo, Yayoi Kusama or Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara.

However readers may understand OCD phenomenon even more through historical research, based on Sigmund Freud’s “Psychological Projection” as well as Salkovski’s theory on predicted compulsions, and other interesting articles included in this spring issue. Moreover this magazine contains a self-assessment test to diagnose OCD symptoms by using a screening form prepared by Psychological Team from University of Hamburg.

Natalia Lewandowska would like to thank all volunteers who shared their unusual secrets with readers who might love or hate OCD and who simply don’t now anything about this unique illness till now or just discovered to have it.

Please, help raising the OCD Awareness!

Natalia Lewandowska



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