Nell Allen

BA (Hons) Painting 2014

Camberwell College of Arts


Bruce is my friend. He is an angel. He exists in this little world I have made just for him. I put some stars in to keep Bruce company. But they’re a bad influence on Bruce. They’re into some dark shit. I think the stars watch too much porn. He’s been gaining weight recently ‘cos he’s sad as he’s pretty horny but he’s all on his own. His moobs are getting pretty big. He loves riding that big pink cock. Really loves it a lot. He thinks that sex will lead him to love. But all there is is sex in there. And just as the aimless extravagance of a religion will not lead him to heaven, the creation of a reality from the idea of love gives poor Bruce something to believe in, but it is nothing more than a projection. And just as reality has become simulation, Love has become sex.



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