Niamh Tulley

BA (Hons) Painting 2015

Camberwell College of Arts


The works I create appropriate industrialised and man-made objects and materials. The manner in which they are presented as natural relics or living species, forces their reinterpretation. This enables my audience to recognise and question current global environmental conditions, where industrial developments have literally perverted and infiltrated the biological beyond recognition.

My works serve to challenge and offer an alternative to disaffection with the bleakness of the modern world. By adopting an element of humour and the absurd in my creations, I present my audience with a fictitious, contemporary terrain in which to consider, explore and perhaps even enjoy. By consolidating notions of the ready-made, collage, painting and sculpture, I present a disorientating array of narratives that evoke history, nature, beauty and the ridiculous.

My need for the audience to connect, engage and participate with the works I create has motivated my choice of deeply tactile material. I have found that this encourages viewers to touch or use the objects I have made, aiding the sense of something having been discovered, rather than created. Subsequently, these imperceptible and touchable entities remove the alienating and often restrictive nature of contemporary art.

I gather my subject matter from several sources in my work, initially through photographing dilapidated buildings, degenerated environments and decaying food or vegetation.

Following on from this, a process of reinterpretation and recycling begins transforming the images into sculptures, which present themselves as phenomenological curiosities as a consequence, through transferral, destruction,manipulation and casting. I form coalescence between found materials, colour and display, which imply geographical samples from an unknown and bogus landscape.

Materiality and process has become a predominant and imperative feature of my sculptures. Since my works often have an element of ambiguity and the unknown it has become important for me to aid my audience by revealing an element of the process through their display creating a dialogue as to where the works have materialised creating a bizarre and comical synchronisation between the found and the fabricated. I feel the inclusion of appropriated materials in my sculptures exposes further my context and interest into recycling, reusing and the remade within a contemporary environment. Therefore, the texturality and sensation unveiled in my layered, multifaceted combinations and environments lead to varying notions surrounding personal experience and memories for my audience.



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