• photography - James Donovan
  • Nude Double Silk crepe cowl back top, Ink Double Silk Crepe drape fringe skirt.
  • Petrol Double Silk Crepe, Pencil Dress
  • • Peacock Blue Silk Satin Twill Duchess coat with chevron fringe detail
  • Oyster Silk Micado Feather Fringed Skirt, white cotton drop collar shirt.
  • Ink textured wool house coat
  • Flesh Silk double crepe pencil dress with contoured fringe and tatting detail
  • Ink Heavy Silk Chevron fringe suit jacket and pencil skirt.
  • Nude Double Silk Crepe evening gown.

Nicole’s design identity combines luxury fabrics and artisan techniques to create innovative and highly covetable garments with great attention to detail. The collection identifies diminishing artisan skills in the fashion industries being directly linked to people’s lives becoming faster and more transient. This is explored through the use of tatting – a handmade lace technique leading to further exploration into the use of hand fringing. Fringing techniques have been influenced by feathers, fur and exotic birds. With a shift in luxury consumer behaviour towards more experiential pleasures, Nicole’s more creative customer is someone who wants to be more engaged with design – they are looking for functionality but also for something beautiful.
Nicole received a first from Nottingham Trent University and debuted at Graduate Fashion Week. She was selected as the British representative to show her graduation collection at Toronto Fashion Week and when embarking on her Masters Degree at London College of Fashion was awarded the Harold Tillman Scholarship. She has also exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London.