Marie Kataoka

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting 2014

Wimbledon College of Arts


  • Untitle (Stream in the winter forest)     Video:3min, Wooded box, Wood shred    26cm x 88cm x 22cm


Marie Kataoka: A place of communication with objects shows an installation which contains five small works with subjects I have been searching for nature. As a view of the installation I would like to express an atmosphere where the viewer can enjoy to see the works and texts which triggers the viewer to be aware of the aesthetic sense of the life.

The objects which I chose must be of no special importance for example something which we can find easily in our everyday lives and then following on from this point I also merge a word with the objects in order to emphasise the existence and the implication of the narrative of an objects value which then becomes one work.

As for the space I was influenced by the Japanese architect construction idea which is to mainly consider obtaining natural light and shadow. I have built large frames to divide the space. It is because I prefer to obscure my works a little bit and the frame helps to create this hidden space in the room. The design of the frame is extremely simple and untouched (a none smooth surface) because I would like the viewer to enjoy and to see the harmony of the tree pattern and the phenomenon of the natural light (For the evening, I have set up two small lights which produce a minimum brightness just about enough to see the small works and imply the aesthetic darkness.) Along with the frames the viewer would then see my small objects and texts along with this contrast.



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