Rebecca Turner

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture 2011

Wimbledon College of Arts


A dumbfounded mass, wedged, balanced or transgressing. As an artist I explore the relationship we share with the space around us, how we move through and react to it; I have a particular desire to disrupt it. Through creating large astronomical forms and associating them with surrounding objects and architecture, there is a desire to fit in or belong; yet the awkward form in relation to the prescribed architecture, results in bewilderment.
Void of colour, the work is dominated by material and surface. Paper pulp as a medium, allows the creation of these uncanny, lunar forms. The pulp manifests into an organic mass of unidentifiable, light absorbing grey matter, with a unique, crater filled surface. They are tactile and inviting, often placed in confrontational proximity to the viewer; the compulsion to touch is intensified.
Like a mysterious or unworldly invasion these, often spherical anomalies, whilst playing with gravitational limitations, interrupt the ease and contentment of the predetermined journey. By clinging on or anchoring itself to its surroundings, like a parasitic creature, feeding off our architecture, we are forced to negotiate them, their presence, unavoidable.



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