Redjade Yuan

MA Fine Art 2013

Chelsea College of Arts


  • Creature
  • Isle of Wight
  • Me, the tea, the River Thames and the constellation Hydra on Vimeo
  • Nostalgia
  • Orange


  • ISSUU - Landescape Art Review - June 2013 by Staff LandEscape


My artwork is not built upon any grand theories or presuppositions, but is rather derived simply through the experience of everyday life. Here, I am interested in art as a means in which to embody a certain type of communication beyond words and I believe that through this there lies the potential for meaningful relationships to take form. In short, I seek to enhance the experience of the everyday through reanimating the surrounding environment, so as to open up a space for the unseen to be made visible.

My work intends to suggest a point of view, through which I am able to elevate a sense of beauty and profundity in a meaningful, but approachable manner. Deep, personal and philosophical reflections upon life are thus coupled with a playfulness and ordinariness. Through this approach, I seek to elevate our consciousness towards everyday life, especially with regard to “small things”, which we so often take for granted. The mysterious flows through the highest of mountains, and the lowest of valleys. Treating the physical act of making my work as a means of mapping my ideas and inquiries, the mediums I utilise within my practice are used to record traces, in an attempt to make psychological reflections upon the world tangible.

I work in multimedia including performance, video, installation, sculpture, photography and print. I am from Beijing and currently living and working in UK and China.



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