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  • Editorial for Elle China by Jayden Tang
  • Editorial for Elle China by Jayden Tang
  • Editorial for Elle China by Jayden Tang
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  • Hoodoo Child

I am an artist and a digital craft practitioner. My creative practice focuses on sculptural jewellery design. My work combines prosthetic and accessory tropes with inventive and digitally altered forms.

I work with a range of printed materials including ceramics, polymers and resin, bringing together digitally printed synthetics with natural hand crafted finishes, including the use of precious materials, such as silver and strung pearls.

My work combines naturally sourced components and digitally manufactured parts, which reflects both the artist and the machine which assimilate to create each piece.

My work has been featured in a number of high-end fashion magazines and exhibited across the world, including at the 2013 China Creative Design Exhibition and the Inhorgenta (Munich). It has also been featured in LOVE magazine SS15, where a 3d ceramic mouthpiece was modelled by Kendall Jenner. My Mother in Chains wearable sculpture was the lead feature in all advertising for the 2013 3d print shows in London and Paris.

I completed an MA in Digital Fashion at the London College of Fashion ‬for which I was awarded the prestigious Harold Tillman Scholarship.‭