• Padded Thigh High
  • Mixed Trainer Boot
  • Sling-back Wedge
  • Padded Ankle Sling-back
  • Sling-back Block Heel
  • Calf Boot
  • Padded Ankle Boot
  • Ankle Trainer
  • High Trainer Boot
  • Calf Boot
  • Thigh High Boot
  • Ankle Sling-back
  • Ankle Sling-back
  • Ankle Sling-back
  • Ankle Sling-back
  • Low Ankle Trainer
  • Mule

The collection focuses on the production of 8 pairs of shoes which collectively and cohesively collate in concept from parasites and alien behaviour through attachment of foreign materials acting as foreign organisms and impregnated shapes.

The collection explores the aesthetics of conceptual design processes, displaying intricate pattern pieces, professional levels of finishes to foldings and padding details challenging the pre-conceived idea of the default form from last to foot bringing the 16 pieces behaving abnormal, similar in structure to parasitical development in movement and shape.

Email: Ruthjones28@hotmail.com

Photographer: Rebecca Litchfield
Model: Isabelle F @ Profile
Makeup: Sandra Bermingham
Hair: Kim Roy
Fashion: Paulina Bojor
Shoes: Ruth Jones
Retouching: Catherine Day