• Shoulder bag / Photography by Yuhei Taichi
  • Clutch / Photography by Yuhei Taichi
  • Neckpiece / Photography by Yuhei Taichi
  • Minaudière clutch / Photography by Yuhei Taichi
  • Rings, Beads / Photography by Yuhei Taichi
  • Research
  • Research
  • Samples
  • Mood board
  • Colour board
  • Customer profile
  • Market level board

Inspired by Japanese calligraphy and the spirit of zen, this conceptual accessories line is a modern representation and interpretation of the Japanese culture. The pieces are given their roles as sculptures or paintings that decorate the space as well as wearable accessories that embellish the body.

As a Japanese designer residing in London, I believe it is impetrative to showcase and modernise the traditions of my country to new possibilities, putting it out to the world that would eventually protect the disappearing cultures and traditions such as hand crafts or even ways of thinking. This collection was produced by mixing my skills as a graphic designer, student of fine arts and my experiences in millinery fabrication and most importantly appreciating and valuing where I am from.


I am currently based in Tokyo however If you are interested in my work please contact me in advance for any requests to be able to arrange the transportations.

Contact : shoko.london@gmail.com