• mohair coat
  • wouter baartmans
  • Suit jacket/scarf
  • Grenson Collaboration
  • yellow mink collar
  • black fur collar
  • trenchcoat
  • trenchcoat
  • BeadShirt beaded by Amber Siegel

Detailing and strength of silhouette is key to my design philosophy. While the garments must be stimulating and exciting, they must also be commercially viable and accessible. Experimenting with hardware is an important element of many of the garments that I create as they act as conductors, directly interacting between the clothes and the wearer. A strong sense of presence and character is created with intelligent tailoring and experimentation with proportion. It has always been important to me to combine old values in a new world.

When looking at a theme or concept, I often reference areas of popular or social culture; more specifically I look at media and periods of history. My graduation collection reflects the great depression in the 1920s and emergence of new cinema. The collection looks at an area of menswear history that was very defined, this definition and presence of clothing is what I wished to bring to my collection.


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