Youssef Daoud

MA Interior and Spatial Design 2010

Chelsea College of Arts


I have developed a theoretical concept parallel to my practice in relation to my chosen subjects of the masses of production, communication and media. ‘Production’ is reflected in the materials obtained to work with, generally as by-products of Industry. ‘Communication’ is reflected in the themes to be addressed and the associations that the materials and objects bring to inform appropriate transformations. ‘Media’ represents the tools employed to communicate these ideas and deliver a set view or open up discussions. This can be taken in the very literal sense of the power that the media posses in manipulating how we see and perceive situations.

I address the themes mentioned through my own bespoke approach to functional furniture and product/object design. Looking at bespoke design critically, my work aims to question the conventional use of objects and materials. This involves using materials not typically associated with ‘craft’. I use methods of dismantling objects and alternative sourcing of materials to inform my own appropriate methods of transformation, allowing the materials’ history and qualities to inform their future use. My work places a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and the value associated with it, where labour costs heavily outweigh material costs and by embracing the notion of ‘labour of love’.

My pieces involve material combinations such as wood, metal and glass. Most of the materials I have obtained to use are by their nature modular, as by-products of industry that are produced in large quantities. Through this, I aim to demonstrate the potential of transformation and presentation of materials and objects to change our perspective on what we use/re-use and the effects of our consumption in every sense.



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