• Concept Board: Urban Decay
  • Surface Color Decay
  • First Concept Development
  • Final Shoe 2
  • Pearls
  • Ron Ank-Bkl: Style 1
  • Wulf O.T Nude: Style 2
  • Range plan
  • Spec Sheet 1
  • Spec Style 2
  • Logo
  • Intro
  • ocean serenity: concept board
  • Ocean Serenity: Range
  • Ocean Serenity: Style 1
  • Ocean Serenity: Style 2
  • Ocean Serenity: Style 3
  • Ocean Serenity: style 4
  • McQueen Inspired
  • Queen

After two years of work experience, I have been offered a position to continue my studies in MA Fashion Design Management at LCF.

I am seeking work experience in London. I possess a wide range of abilities that combine creativity and innovative design principles through the use of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign), concept research and market analysis.

Along with my new Masters Degree, I will be able to assist in driving the brands growth, initiate creative thinking in project management and seek out potential business opportunities.

I have had the privilege to gain work experience at the following brands:

Woolworths, South Africa
Underground Footwear, London
Finsk, London
Kanye West, London