• Black and White Project: Pop up Wig
  • Black and White Project: Pop up Wig
  • Ancestors Project: Hippie
  • Oh What A Lovely War Project: Desert Wig
  • Metropolis Project: Underground Worker
  • Boyd Alexander Photography
  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses: Princess Viola
  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses: Princess Viola
  • Orpheus Project: Carol Cutrere The Bearded Fortune Teller

As a make-up artist I approach my work as a storyteller, where the character that is being made up is telling a story about themselves visually through their appearance. This is explored through characterization and application of various skills in which I focus on the whole body of the character, not just the face.
It is my ethic to be as versatile and work as hard as possible to achieve the required effects, through make-up, prosthetics, hair styling and wig making.
From finishing my three years at London College of Fashion I am pursuing the Television and Film industry as my career path as well as having a keen interest in Theatre as a body of reality and magic, as work that you can feel, touch and smell .
All these areas will open my opportunities for creativity and design development. Its attention to detail and need for perfection suits my personality as a make-up artist.
Characterization and magic from illusions through make-up, prosthetics and hair is a subject I like to explore and I will continue through my career.