Amber Ablett

MA Visual Arts: Book Arts 2013

Camberwell College of Arts

  • Reading Poetry to Artworks (video still)
  • Reading Poetry to Artworks (video still)
  • Song sheets, Performers Reading, 2013. on Vimeo
  • Song sheets (performance at Space Station 65)
  • Song sheets (performance organised by artist Sarah Boulton, Glasgow)
  • Sample conversation & vocab list (rizograph print)
  • Sample conversation & vocab list (performance at The ICA)


Amber Ablett’s work uses text, participatory performance and research based work focusing on the limitations and failings of language relating to sentimentality and identity.

Her work explores questions about the language we use and how what we say can shape who we are. Using sound and audio, work looks at the power of the voice to build a character, both through what is said and how it is said, and performance works seek to involve the audience as participants in questioning why we put so much importance into the words we hear and say.

Amber Ablett is an artist and curator working in Bergen, NO & London, UK, and has exhibited across the UK and internationally.



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