Andrea Tyrimos

BA (Hons) Fine Art 2009

Central Saint Martins


My work is concerned with the phenomena of artificial light, coupled with the issue of electronic reproduction. The paintings originate from my own photographic material, with the images often taken from relatively low resolution mobile phones and cameras.

The paintings represent a nocturnal narrative flow. Some of the pieces are concerned predominantly with giving artificial light physical substance, whilst others present a historical trajectory. I am conscious of the phenomena I am depicting and its relationship with modernism. I am not simply painting reflections of artificial light, but am constantly engaged in representing a world which only exists as a result of man-made light. An entire culture has developed on the back of this processed light, and this is reflected in the nightclub, empty urban street scenes and MTV music video stills that I depict within the studio.

Furthermore, I have realised that the images I translate are somewhat illusory in effect I am painting the pixels that allow me to witness the image, whether from the illuminated television, computer or camera screen. I have also begun to question my work in relation to space; the very fact I freeze and pause the original image begs the question as to whether these images actually exist in real time, or are simply an illusion? This is because the naked eye fails to actually see the images I capture, and can only witness them once frozen, paused or translated onto my canvas.

There is a balance to be struck between staying true to the original image and the natural instinct of an artist to make changes and alterations. I feel a strange loyalty to reproduce the image faithfully, yet at the same time I feel the need to change the image in some way, to make it more interesting or to add atmosphere, (at times I want to simply hint at the original source, not give it away).



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