Anna Mokhova

MA Interior and Spatial Design 2011

Chelsea College of Arts


In my research I intend to probe on the sensations formed by the perception. I aim to investigate the engagement of the figure and the space as a process of mediation between the physical and metaphysical spatial experiences. I seek to determine the processes that form both domains of the perception and I am interested in the moment of their shift. How does perception change on the threshold and where is that point which triggers imaginary experiences? Can it be determined at all?

At this period I am particularly interested in the architecture of domes and cupolas. In a series of wax objects I make a reference to perception formed by dome architecture. I examine the role of haptic memory and our previous spatial investigations in forming our current experience of inside, outside and the space in-between. I question if the physical means like light, colour and perspective influence the formation of the image and to which extent this image can arouse spatial phantasies.



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