• soldier the battle of algiers
  • mint tea seller at Secret Cinema "The Battle of Algiers"
  • Secret Cinema presents The Battle of Algiers
  • I was one of the makers at KRD for the origami wall at the Hayward Gallery
  • The Hoosiers Video Unlikely Hero
  • Hold Me Back, directed by David Aspinall, costume design and make by Annike Flo
  • Nyarlathotep
  • Nyarlathotep
  • Nyarlathotep
  • Gang member, Human zoo. Garment from recycled clothing
  • Cocoons and cocoon creatures from Human Zoo. Co-designed with Naomi Howarts
  • Human Zoo Cocoon creatures co-designed with Naomi Howarts
  • Animation : Ian Pons Jewel, concept and dress design: Annike Flo, make: Penelopy Mills makeup:Sophie Ashworth,

Annike Flo is a costume designer, maker and stylist particularly interested in performative costumes, contemporary dance and finding innovative ways of working with people from other disciplines. She co-designed LCF’s graduate show Human Zoo, which was choreographed by Marie-Gabrielle Rotie.

“Nyarlathotep” By H.P Lovecraft was the inspiration for her final major project to the set theme of revolution. In this piece of work “Revolution” is interpreted as a revolution in time as Nyarlathotep brings the end of the world and time as we know it. The Project is also revolutionary in blurring the lines between costume set and music, by letting the costume move, fold out, and open into set, while incorporating movement, bend, stretch and touch censors into a pair of gloves worn by the musician. When triggered these sensors send information to software which in turn produce sound. The design is inspired by the blackness and bleakness of the “Abyss”, of chaos and black holes interpreting Nyarlathotep as dark matter and everything we don’t grasp about the universe.

Annike is now working on opening a performance and studio space for a diverse group of artists based in London while continuing her work in performance and fashion, particularly concentrating on a whole nights performance based on the Lovecraftian Cthulu Universe.